To the Girl Who Can’t Wait to Have a Boyfriend

Hi friends! I'm interrupting my posting schedule to share something my sweet friend, Rissa wrote. When she posted this on her blog, I asked if she's let me use it for a guest post here. She was more than happy to share her thoughts on my blog, and I hope you're able to glean something… Continue reading To the Girl Who Can’t Wait to Have a Boyfriend

It's a Girl Thing

Encouragement for the New Semester

Hi friends! I hope you all have had a fabulous summer; how has it flown by so quickly?? I've learned so much through my summer experiences, and I'm excited to share more with you in coming posts. But today, I'm not talking about the past couple months. I'm talking about upcoming months. Yeah...the Fall semester.  Last week, when… Continue reading Encouragement for the New Semester

It's a Girl Thing

Have you seen the new page yet?

Hi friends! I'm so excited to introduce the newest page on the blog: my bookshelf! I'll be adding more books as I read, but for now, I wanted to share 11 titles with you. 🙂 Click the picture below to view the bookshelf! P.S. Have you or are you getting ready to start school again?… Continue reading Have you seen the new page yet?

It's a Girl Thing

To My Friend Who Feels Unforgivable

Dear friend, Have you ever fallen into a pit of sin—been locked inside Satan’s traps—and thought, “How did I get here? I never thought I would be guilty of this sin!” ? I sure have. And I’m all-too-familiar with guilt and anxiety over past mistakes. I’m not a counselor, and I don’t have life figured… Continue reading To My Friend Who Feels Unforgivable