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Book Review: The Chase

Whew, it seems like forever since I last posted on here!

Life has been a jumble of nonstop homework and happy-stressful chaos lately, so please excuse my negligence.

I plan on posting the usual–both tomorrow and next Thursday, to make up for lost time–so you can look forward to that 😉

I’m so excited about the next few posts, and I hope you won’t miss out!

Introductions aside, let’s jump into the first book review on this blog!  

–> The Chase (Trusting God with Your Happily Ever After)–By Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky.


About the authors:

If you listen to Christian Contemporary music, you’re probably familiar with Anthem Lights—a band Kyle used to sing with. He’s now an independent recording artist, and his wife Kelsey is the daughter of New York Times Best-Selling Author, Karen Kingsbury.

They serve God through singing, acting and youth ministry, and their desire to see Christian youth thrive is clear in the message of their book.

If you’d like to get more familiar with this sweet couple, you can check out these links:

–> Kyle and Kelsey’s YouTube channel

–> Interview with Kyle and Kelsey

Overall Review: 

I bought The Chase this summer, and I’m so glad I did. I honestly can’t tell you how helpful this book has been just over the past couple of months. Its pages are packed with encouraging lessons, biblical insight, and inspiration for any young person in, or preparing for a relationship.

By reenacting their love story (and  stories of others), Kyle and Kelsey share the importance of chasing God first, offering creative guidance for singleness, dating, and a personal relationship with God.

You can be prepared for at least one of the following things when you read this book…

1) Conviction

Big time. 

2) Enlightenment 

While Kelsey’s writing is relatable, heartfelt, and comforting, Kyle’s words are brilliant and thought-provoking.

He has a boatload of wisdom to offer, and his transparency revealing how guys think is such a breath of fresh air.

Kyle addresses so many issues that our culture avoids, and openly exhorts Christian girls to wait on God and respect ourselves, as well as guys around us.

Because of Kyle’s input, my outlook on guys and dating has transformed completely–for the best.

This book is a box of treasures when it comes to dependable advice and inspiration.

3) Excitement to try again

Yes, try again. If you’re like me, you’ll notice a lot of problems or unhealthy habits in your life through reading this book. Kyle and Kelsey do an amazing job at pointing out habits that need correction, and by doing so, inspire new beginnings.

I know those are vague words, but I don’t wanna give anything away 😉


Encouraging take-aways:
  • Patience and purity pays off.
  • There is forgiveness at the cross.

If you’ve struggled with sexual sin or addictions, this book is a wonderful tool to reassure you of Jesus’ love and forgiveness.

  •  No dream, list, or prayer is too big for God to fulfill.

It’s good to create high standards and expectations for your future husband (or wife) because God is fully capable to meet them!

Kelsey demonstrates this point through relatable stories of her high school years.

While she was single, Kelsey worried that her expectations for a future husband were unrealistic–that it was impossible for the man she’d dreamed up to exist…

…I’ll stop right there 😉

Exciting lessons, for sure.


Things I learned:
  • How to better demonstrate respect towards guys
  • The importance of building guys up
  • How not to go about a relationship
  • How godly guys want to be treated
  • What an attractive, godly girl looks like

…And the list goes on!


Small disclaimers regarding content:
  • They aren’t professional writers.

While their conversational tone is inviting, do keep in mind that you may come across bad grammar or passive phrases here and there.

  • Scripture is taken from loose translations

I love exploring different translations (periphrastic ones included), but I’m a little cautious about using loose translations  as regularly as Kyle and Kelsey do. It seemed the meaning of some verses was lost in the paraphrasing, and I found myself getting a bit frustrated as a result.

So, if you like more word-for-word translations, you may want to look the verses up in your own Bible, just to be sure you grasp the full meaning.

Or, if you like the more simplified translations (as I know many do 🙂 ), feel free to ignore this point 😉

  • They were discrete in addressing sin issues.

Rather than referring to particular sin as sin (as God clearly states), they used words such as  “mistakes” or “slip-ups” instead.  I understand their desire to avoid offending readers who struggle with the sins mentioned, but just a word of caution that sin is downplayed in parts where it probably shouldn’t be.


And, last but not least…

A peak inside:

Not only is the cover flat-out adorable, but the pages are etched with artsy designs, quotes, and cute pictures. This book definitely isn’t lacking in the aesthetics department 😉

fullsizerender-1 FullSizeRender (2).jpg FullSizeRender.jpg

I really hope you’ll consider buying The Chase. It truly changed my life, and I can’t wait to read it again! I can’t recommend it enough.

You might also be interested in hearing a little bit of the Kupecky’s  love story…in song form 🙂

If you do read it, let me know what you think! I’d love to hear your comments. ❤



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