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I started The Other Side to give teen and college-aged girls a place to refuel and be inspired in their faith. 

Through this blog, I hope to encourage you to live set-apart and confident in Christ. To cross the bridges from doubt to clarity, brokenness to joy, and from shallow faith to deep, bold trust in Jesus.

Here you’ll find Bible study tips, book reviews, encouragement letters, and most of all, authenticity.

I don’t have all the answers, but I hope you’ll stick around as I share what I’m learning with you 🙂

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A little bit about me…

I’m a Texas-born high school junior learning to thrive in New York City. 🙂 My life consists of loud laughter, frequent hugs, and sloshing coffee into a mug—when I’m not busy jamming words into Microsoft or playing the piano. 

I adore anything that involves making messes (Clean messes 😉 ). Glue, paint, markers, scrapbooking, cooking, planting flowers…I just love to create.

Some random facts about me: 

-My favorite snack is peanut butter and cheese (on crackers, of course). It’s not weird, I promise.

-I have 6 older siblings and 5 in-laws 🙂

-I’m a sucker for animals (real or stuffed).

My favorite things in life are my sweet nephews, coffee dates, dark chocolate, and most of all, early mornings spent with Jesus. I could fill pages with my favorite Scripture verses, but instead of posting a whole journal here, I’ll leave you with a few I simply adore:

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I hope we can grow together as I share my life with you! Let’s cross over to the other side, shall we? ❤