I started Finer Confidence to give high-school and college-aged girls a place to refuel and be inspired in their faith. 

Through this blog, I hope to encourage you to dig into the truths of Scripture and root your confidence God’s grace.

Here you’ll find Bible study tips, book recommendations, encouragement letters, and most of all, authenticity. I hope you’ll stick around as I share what I’m learning with you 🙂

Note: this blog was previously “The Other Side” and transition is still in progress.

I’m a flawed follower of Jesus, daily learning to trust His grace and serve Him with every fiber of my being.

My life consists of loud laughter, frequent hugs, and sloshing coffee into a mug—when I’m not busy jamming words into Microsoft or playing the piano. 

If you were to randomly walk into my house (preferably after knocking…and making an appointment 😉 ), you’d probably find me scribbling in my planner (which I follow 2% of the time), teaching piano, or writing…either for a homework assignment or some other reason my distracted little brain comes up with.

My favorite things in life are my sweet siblings and nephews, long talks over coffee, and most of all, early mornings spent with Jesus. I could fill pages with my favorite Scripture verses, but instead of posting a whole journal here, I’ll leave you with a few I simply adore:

  • 2 Corinthians 12:9
  • Isaiah 43:2
  • Isaiah 6:8
  • The gospel and epistles of John

I hope we can grow together as I share my thoughts with you! Let’s focus on finer things together, shall we? ❤