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Free Devotionals and More

Hi everyone!

For the past several weeks, I’ve been sending out 1-2 emails to my readers each month. I realized I haven’t mentioned this much in my posts, so I thought I’d take a minute to tell you more about these emails–and give you the chance to join the mailing list!

devotionals and notes of encouragement for young women (1)

At first, I planned on sharing stories of my experiences here in New York (I moved from Texas to Brooklyn about 3 years ago), but after sharing the story of how my family got here, I decided to change the focus. Since my Brooklyn adventures aren’t super relevant to the blog, I thought it would be fun to share devotionals and notes of encouragement instead.

So far, the emails I’ve sent are these…

  • 2-part story of my family’s journey to New York
  • When Life is Disappointing (A quick note of encouragement for tough times)
  • February Favorites (I shared favorite memories, lessons, and blessings from the month of February)
  • Psalm 13: Notes and Applications (a personal story + practical applications on Psalm 13)

A little preview:

Screenshot (46)

February Recap.png

These notes are a lot shorter and more conversational than regular blog posts, and I’ve had such a good time interacting with readers this way!

If you’re looking for quick doses of encouragement and inspiration, you won’t wanna miss these emails. I think you’ll enjoy reading as much as I love writing them 🙂

Side note: Though the title says these emails are for young women, they’re definitely not focused only towards girls. In fact, my goal with these emails is to allow for a broader audience. So, if you’re not a young woman–or even a girl–these devotionals are still meant for you! 

So, do you wanna join the loop? You can sign up below! (Or use this link.)



That’s all for now!

I hope we can talk soon 🙂

*Note: As of this month (June), several more emails have been sent to blog subscribers, such as March & April recaps, 2 devotionals, and a life update/blog survey.  



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